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Visual identity creation

visual identity creation

What is a company’s visual identity?

Creating a visual identity or brand identity is the foundation of your communication strategy. This identity will allow it to be visible thanks to various communication media (posters, flyers, signage, letterhead…). An effective visual identity attracts the attention of prospects. It also promotes its image and notoriety to customers, on different channels (print, digital, social networks…)

A company needs to have its own visual identity to stand out from the competition and to benefit from a unique and easily recognizable image. Thus, this visual identity defines the key graphic elements of the company. It includes its logo, distinctive colors, fonts, typographies, a slogan. And also all its different distinctive signs that come in the form of icons, pictograms, typographical signs, etc.

A visual identity or brand identity must be unique and original. That’s why it has to match the company, the brand or the product. This is what makes it possible to recognize them and memorize them.

Creating a visual identity is a thorough work based on a search for name, colors, shapes, etc.

What are the essential elements of a successful visual identity?

There are several key points that need to be foreseen when working on a visual identity or brand identity creation. These elements are what defines and makes your brand recognizable and unique:

  1. The logo or logotype
  2. Colors
  3. Writing fonts or fonts
  4. Typographical signs, icons or symbols
  5. The layout and respect of the element positions
  6. The graphic charter
1. The logo or logotype

The logo is the symbol of your brand and the main anchor of your visual identity. This is why it must be unique and easily recognizable.

2. Colors

Color selection is essential in defining your brand identity. Indeed, it must reflect your brand but also be consistent and, associated with your logo, it must mark the spirits.

3. Writing fonts

A consistent and successful visual identity creation includes carefully chosen fonts of writing. This is thought out to be associated harmoniously with the rest of the graphic elements. This is a step not to be overlooked.

4. Typographical signs, icons or symbols

Although not mandatory, having a strong symbol or recognizable sign will strengthen your brand identity. This will allow you to be recognized at first glance. When you see Apple‘s stylized apple or Nike‘s comma, you immediately recognize the brand without the brand’s name necessarily being present.

5. Layout and location compliance

On the web as for print media, communication must be consistent. The definition of layout and locations contributes to this and thus defines the rules of use

6. The graphic charter

The graphic charter is the keystone of visual identity design and the reference document of your brand identity. It includes all the above elements, in detail. That is why we need to pay attention to it.

Your visual identity creation with AVEDIA

Our communication agency in Nice, Monaco and all over the French Riviera is at your service for any creation of visual identity. Contact us to discuss your needs and see how AVEDIA can help.

Together, we will define your needs and work to design your visual identity. We will define your logo, colors associated with your brand or product, the choice of fonts, the possible design of a symbol, the writing of a slogan and the creation of a complete graphic charter in accordance with your expectations.

Our expertise in visual identity creation covers all areas. You can take a look at our portfolio and see the customers who used our services.

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