A communication team in Nice, Monaco and the Côte d'Azur - Communication agency in Nice and Monaco 06
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Who we are

Your communication team in Nice, Monaco and on the French Riviera

AVEDIA is a communications agency in Nice with a national and international scope. Around its founder, Vladimir Andrijasevic, specialist and consultant in communication and digital marketing, a team of valuable collaborators completes the skills that will be useful to you in all your communication projects.

From graphic design to editorial, through the definition of communication strategy, the creation of websites, referencing or social networks, all aspects of a 360-degree communication are brought together at AVEDIA: your communication team in Nice, Monaco and on the French Riviera.

The benefits of using an atypical, responsive and experienced agency

At AVEDIA, we chose not to have fixed offices. This allows us great flexibility and a very competitive pricing offer.

You will benefit from an impeccable quality of service at the right rates!

The team meets regularly in coworking spaces. This allows us to maintain a strong cohesion while respecting the autonomy and professionalism of our team members. We also maintain a special link with our customers by regularly visiting them in their premises. Contact and follow-up are paramount for us!


Vladimir Andrijasevic

Creator of AVEDIA after 20 years as a communication consultant in many different fields and for various clients. Vladimir is a Swiss army knife of communication: webdesign, social networks, writing, graphic design, sound, UX… he will advise you in your projects, with his entire communication team in Nice and in the area.



Julien is an avid photographer with a great sensitivity and a precise and original eye. He knows how to adapt to all types of photo shoots and his shots are a precise reflection of the image you want to give to your project or your company. With him, you are guaranteed to have beautiful images for your communication.

Graphic design

Cecilia Montesinos

Cecilia is an inventive and original graphic designer and illustrator. Her personal approach and creative talent know how to bring to life attractive and effective creations and visuals for all your communication campaigns. Whether it’s for posters, logos, flyers or the web, with Cecilia, your visual identity is in good hands.


Thomas Martinez

A graduate of ESRA,Thomas is an image lover. From shooting to editing, he masters all the steps of video creation, whether it is for institutional films, commercials, clips, installations or live recordings. Its high quality work is the assurance of an impeccable result, adapted to your needs.



Jayesh is our expert in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Google is his favorite playground and this is where he built his multiple skills in site optimization, keyword search, link building and online marketing. The positioning of your site in search results is its main objective and its main concern.

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